How To Trade ?

The secret behind the Binary Options movement is its simplistic and straightforward nature. All you have to do is to simply choose an asset that you wish to invest in from the SwissXM platform, and then decide which direction you think the market price of the asset will go, either up or down. Once you have settled on your prediction you then only have to enter the amount you wish to invest. Immediately you will see the amount you will earn if your investment is successful. click on the ‘Buy’ button, and then just watch the market work its magic. Understanding how the process works is pretty easy but what we do advise our clients, especially the ones that are still getting to know the online industry and its fickle temperament, is to familiarise themselves with the basic trends of the various markets available and constantly upgrade their own market knowledge and money strategies.

Open Position
Choosing an asset, pick from range of assets in the dropdown list located in the tradestation
Place your amount
Place your amount from the deposited funds you have and select the expiry time. The live graph shows the real-time movements of an asset
Select an action
After deciding of the amount to trade, select an action PUT or CALL. Selecting PUT, if you thing an asset will go down OR CALL, if you thing an asset will go up
Track your trade
Monitor your trade on the graph and view the movement of your asset the entire time that your trade is open. Watch while you wait and follow the progress of your investment all the way to the finish line.